What needs to be on your invoice

What needs to be on your invoice

Even if you’ve been in business for a while all the rules and regulations for your business can be really confusing. If you’ve just started your business it can be even worse!

So here’s a quick reminder of what you need to have on your invoice. See below:

• Your Trading name and logo (if you have one)
• If you’re a limited company then you will need your Company name, Company No and registered office address. I see this missing all the time!
• Your VAT no (if appropriate)
• Invoice no
• Quantity, description and amount of your product or service
• If you deal business to business, make sure you have a breakdown of VAT and the rate used
• The total of the invoice
• Your payment terms
• Details of how to pay you

To make your life simpler look at using a good bookkeeping package like Quickbooks. It’s easy to use and you can link your bank transactions to it, so it will download them automatically for you. It lets you keep an eye on which customers still owe you money too and allows you to send recurring invoices automatically.

Get in touch if you would like us to provide you with Quickbooks, we can throw in 2 hours of free training for the first two people to get in contact.

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