What are your best kept secrets?

What are your best kept secrets?

I speak to clients a lot about their best kept secrets in business! Normally this is something that would give them a competitive advantage over other businesses doing the same thing in their area, like a holiday let that provides a free bottle of wine and home made shortbread in the property. Or a beauty therapist that has an advanced certificate in electrolysis. Or a hairdresser that trained with the original Vidal Sassoon in London in the sixties.

These are all real life examples of things I’ve come across when talking to business owners over the years. Some have made my jaw drop as they don’t tell anyone about it!! I’m as guilty as anyone of this and only realised it when Gerry told me someone had asked him how many of our graduates from our mentoring groups were still in business. When we thought back we realised it is 100%.

Over the 7 years we’ve been running them, for every business that completed the full two years, they’re all still in business. But they’re actually all thriving, even after being locked down for at least four months.

Some of them have had spectacular results, some more modest as it all depends on what they want out of their business. One wanted to make enough profit so she could spend a proportion of it in supporting a charity. She can do that now and has two successful businesses. Another increased her turnover by over £250k in a 7-month period – not bad for a wax bar! Most have gone on to open further businesses as they get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

So that’s a couple of my best kept secrets, something we perhaps don’t shout about enough. Even clients who have not been part of the mentoring group have gone on to succeed because they listened to advice and took action. Like the client who had a failing partnership and now has a business he’s in the process of selling for just short of a seven figure sum. Not bad for a small business.

We don’t take on every business that applies, because some people just don’t have the mindset and are stuck in their ways. But if you’re happy to do things a bit differently from how you currently do them then why not have a chat. Email gerry@murrayassoc.co.uk or call him on 0141 889 4247.

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