Vanessa had been out of the country for several years in Hong Kong and was finding it difficult to re-establish herself in the UK once she came back. As a TV Presenter she had led Impact Training in the past for Chief Executives and those in high profile business positions required to communicate effectively in media and conference situations.

After joining the mentoring group we helped her to position herself as an expert, charge more for her services and package she easily achieved her £20,000 increase in profit as guaranteed as part of mentoring.

In Vanessa’s words: “Business has gone ballistic this year I’m fully booked for the next 3 months! What a contrast to last! And of course soon as I gave my update in Gloria’s Mentoring Group… What did she say, ‘Put up your prices you’ll get paid at least the same if not more and get some time back’ . Does this woman never stop joined up thinking, even when I was sharing and celebrating my successes she’s looking after my life work balance in an instant… Genius!”