Kerri of Peaches Wax Bar was confused about how to grow her business and just wanted to be able to make enough money to contribute to the household and take her young family on holiday. She demonstrates what it’s often like for women having their own business who want more freedom to balance their family life. 

Within 7 months she had increased her turnover by £250,000. Now in her second year with us she has three waxing studios, has taken her family on holiday four times and increased her profit dramatically year on year.

Recently she was approached by the Dragons Den to appear on the show but she flatly turned them down. She said, “I don’t want to share any of my business and definitely don’t need them as I’ve got you!” 

Coincidentally, she also became a multiple award winner as you can see and when I emailed to congratulate her on the most recent saying, “You’re a true business woman now, I’m so proud of you!” She replied, “Thanks Gloria. I really wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for you so for that I’m grateful every day!”