Judi saw Gloria presenting at a workshop for businesswomen 5 years ago and decided she needed a helping hand straight away. But what a story to get her turned around as in no time there was a crisis totally out with her control…. 

Judi of Merchant City Yoga in October 2013 joined our mentoring programme but in February 2014 her business premises was shut down as the landlord had not renewed the fire license. She was in Australia at the time for a month so effectively lost her business during that time. However she didn’t give up and on her return she set up a pop up studio. During the next 6 months she set about turning things around with our help. We were on a mission guiding and advising her to start anew and we took the opportunity to analyse her business and effectively introduce a

new and different business model and get new systems in place. By August 2014 she acquired new premises and opened her brand new studios. Over the last 3 years she’s increased her profit by 1,050% and started a second business, a yoga teaching
and training school. Both businesses are going from strength to strength. She offered us this wonderful testimonial.

“The team are world class, continually going above and beyond to achieve the best results for me. I
feel like they are part of my very small team and it’s amazing to feel you have someone else on your side! A firm hand, bucket loads of encouragement and good practical advice help me deliver an exceptional customer experience, run an effective, efficient and profitable business and hold steady when the going gets tough. I can’t imagine being where I am without their help. What would Richard Branson do? He’d have Murray Associates on his team!”