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2020 Innovation Winner 2017       

Hanging out with the right people really does count and we’ve proved it as we are now the Most Innovative Business Advisers in the UK 2017.  We help clients make a helluvalot-more-money with us than they ever do by themselves or they have done with anyone else. Check out our case studies and see why we are the Top Consultants in the UK as how Visionary and Global Entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton describes us.

Imagine solving problems more easily to get you to the QUICK WINS FAST meaning

  • you save time allowing you to work on your business
  • have much more money in your pocket
  • spend time working with the people you really want to work with

And get more confidence and focus to make sure what you do works!

Our Mentoring Programmes are designed to shorten your learning time, get you to think how you can run your business more effectively, save you time and grow your business faster.

Imagine how much easier and quicker it would be to solve problems and even anticipate the problems as you learn from others. And imagine how much more profitable your business would be if you were supported in all of this.

Our Online Business Mentoring Programme is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality. Using easy to understand videos which are short and to the point we help you identify and create breakthrough strategies in all areas of your business to dramatically improve your sales, profits and your future wealth.

Each monthly session will cover an area for you to work on and at the end of the month you meet with us online to address the issues, challenges or problems that you have faced and we ALWAYS provide you with solutions…. we are undefeated in 22 years of being in business which means we guarantee your success as long as you take action.

The programme is tailored to address the most specific needs and circumstances in any business starting with:

Your business review where we project your expected INCREASE IN PROFIT within 12 months of at least a 5 FIGURE SUM.

Many have called this a business therapy session as we get down to the root causes why you haven’t moved on, turned things around or flost your way and need to see how to get back on track.

The structure of the course is deliberately engineered to cover the basic foundations of yours and any other business to get you to the QUICK WINS FAST covering PRICING followed by MARKETING then the important bit, YOUR BUSINESS NUMBERS AND HOW TO UNDERSTAND THEM and we always emphasise the need to see them at a touch of a button.

To make sure you’re growing your reputation we get you to analyse your BRANDING, then on to the  important CUSTOMER CARE SYSTEMS and the CUSTOMER JOURNEY and finally the key to all business and entrepreneurial success HOW TO MAKE KEY DECISIONS THAT WORK.

AND that’s just the start as in the first 12 months you increase your profit by at least a 5 figure sum and we show you how it can be done  in your business review right at the beginning. Going into your second year you now have the confidence to really grow your business as this is the golden year to consolidate and grow and create the systems to really 10 x Your Business and even look at starting more and perhaps discover that you can become a very successful ENTREPRENEUR.

Call for a chat to find out about our programme to 10 x your investment and really grow your business within the next  12 months phone 0141 889 4247 or email now!