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Established Business Customer Journey

The support packages we have are based from working with thousands of business and refined and designed to fit you.

The range covers all budgets, your needs and wants and how fast you want to grow your business. It all starts with a meeting to go through what you want from your business, where you want to go and identify the help you need to achieve your goals. We then work on your accounts, bookkeeping and payroll each and every month to make sure all is in place and in good working order. We feel you need to know at the touch of a button how much money you’re making. To achieve this we conduct a comprehensive review of your accounts and finance system as we work on your numbers to make them more efficient and effective so your time is no longer wasted trying to find things that should already be in place. You have our full assurance that you will keep as much of your profits and not pay a penny more tax than you are legally obliged to pay. Each year there will be a meeting to go through your accounts to discuss your business numbers in an easy and understandable way to help you keep your business moving forward. We also Benchmark you with other businesses in your industry so your performance will be compared to others in your industry to help you maximise opportunities that you may have missed. You receive invitations to free workshops, webinars and seminars with practical ideas and access to online tip sheets to help you get more of what you want from your business. Plus you can call or email as often as you like to ask questions, get help or just to check you are doing things right!

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