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Case Study: Marion getting the right advice to get the rewards she justly deserved

Marion runs a physiotherapy practice and tried over many years to get the support she needed but just ended up treading water and nearly drowning despite her best efforts.

Both Marion and her husband joined our mentoring programme in March 2016, and their home was a farm and they were tenant farmers but were struggling to make ends meet with the business and the farm.

However within 18 months they bought the farm, her profit went up by 78% and are focused on growing their business and avoiding all the problems of the past.

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Karen Roswell

“Murray Associates bring with them a wealth of experience in business, accounting, marketing and pretty much anything you’re ever likely to encounter in business.

They are on a mission and so much on your side you won’t believe it…  they care more about your business than you do and then you get it!”

Karen Roswell, Karen Roswell Photography

“There is accountancy jargon if you want it, but for those that can’t find their way around a balance sheet, Murray Associates will assist you to understand your figures and what they mean for you and your business. They appreciate the complexities, stress and hurdles that many small business owners are faced with and this is echoed in the supportive, positive way in which they approach the world of accounting and running a small business.”

Clare Henderson, The Travel Clinic Glasgow

The team are world class, continually going above and beyond to achieve the best results for me. I
feel like they are part of my very small team and it’s amazing to feel you have someone else on your side! A firm hand, bucket loads of encouragement and good practical advice help me deliver an exceptional customer experience, run an effective, efficient and profitable business and hold steady when the going gets tough. I can’t imagine being where I am without their help. What would Richard Branson do? He’d have Murray Associates on his team!” ​

Judi Farrell, Director of Merchant City Yoga

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