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2020 Innovation Winner 2017


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Accountants Changing Lives Award Ceremony 2017

As leaders in the accountancy profession we are invited to conferences to share how we raise the bar to drive the profession and our industry forward. In the video, Gloria shared how she helped a client fix her prices, create better systems, increased her turnover by over QUARTER of a MILLION and dramatically increased her profit all within 7 months!

2020 Innovation Award - 2017 Winner

The Most Innovative Business Advisers in the UK was an accolade we earned by simply presenting the results from clients who we mentored over the year a definite win win for both the client and us!

2020 Innovation Award - 2014 Winner

The Most Innovative Accountant in the UK was our first UK Award after being finalists and shortlisted in many awards over the previous 3 years. A welcome and well deserved accolade for the team.

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