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Buy To Let Changes

There have been big changes introduced around buy to let mortgages this year by HMRC. So if you own residential property and you let it out then you need to know about this.
Have you heard about the changes to loan interest on buy to let property? I was prompted to write this because I’ve had a few enquiries from clients about it. But one specifically…

Thinking of becoming a limited company?

Is it something that might be good for your business and potentially save you tax?
There's a lot to take into consideration when deciding if you should become a limited company or not, particularly if you're currently trading as a sole trader or partnership. A l…

Dividend Changes Could Affect You

There are changes coming to the way dividends are taxed from 6th April 2016. I've got some examples for you.
The tax rules for dividends are changing from 6th April 2016 and the changes will not only impact many individuals who hold shares, but also many of you who own your own businesse…

I'm Annoyed!

Getting advice shouldn't be like pulling teeth!
I was in Portugal last week at a fantastic training event run by Dr. Joanna Martin and I met loads of small business owners. We had some really great conversations about business …