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How Many Hours Do You Need To Work To Run A Successful Business

It's not the answer you think. How effective are you if you work 70 or 80 or even 90 hours a week?
I get asked this all the time and some people have the expectation I’ll say 80-90 hours a week. They don’t know me very well as I WILL NEVER SAY THAT. It’s just not true in fact I…

Who Stole My Year?

Where has this year gone. Only 2 months left of this year? How's it been for you and what are you doing differently next year?
It's nearly November, so only 2 months left of the calendar year. I've had a great year overall, but like anyone it's had its ups and downs. A really good team member left and we'…

Are You Sick of All the Budgets?

Budget, Schmudget .....find out what willl affect you as a small business owner.
I am, I may be an accountant but I’m getting really sick trying to keep up with all the changes in tax. In particular the assaults on small business owners, like dividend changes …