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Jan 06, 2016

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I got back into the office early on Monday before the phone started ringing again as, it helps me put in place the goals I have for the next year and really plan for them. What I’ve realised is, if I don’t plan it doesn’t happen –not just in business but even in my personal life too!

I’ve been sorely disappointed when I get to the end of the year and realise I haven’t done one fifth of the stuff I wanted to do. It’s not because it’s not important, it’s just there’s always other stuff to do. There are always demands on your time, there’s always fire fighting to do, there’s always someone wanting your time.

It’s been said that if you don’t have your own goals then you’re fulfilling someone else’s goal. The easiest way to see this in action is to check your emails first thing in the morning. There’s been many a morning I had a whole plan for the day only to have it derailed first thing because someone else demands my attention in an email.  Or I’ve got into the office and got stuck into a project only to be interrupted by someone else’s agenda.

Or have you ever kept yourself free for lots of spontaneous things to happen and then when you look at what you’ve done it’s either been nothing or nothing you wanted to do. I have and that’s because spontaneity needs someone to be proactive and do something. And if nobody comes up with a ‘spontaneous’ plan then nothing happens. So I’ve realised I need to make plans for everything, otherwise it all becomes a bit aimless.

Here are five tips for the New Year:
1. Get your plans for the year done this week and revisit weekly and monthly
2. Don’t check your emails first thing, unless there is really no other option
3. Put uninterrupted time in your diary when you work on your plans, and let your team know
4. Put time in the diary for the things you want to achieve this year, both personal and business
5. Enjoy achieving lots more this year in your personal and business life – and celebrate your wins!

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