Mission Statement
To create profitable small businesses that sustain local communities, provide progressive work opportunities and care for the planet.

- Gloria Murray, Director of Murray Associates

2020 Innovation Award Winner 2014
Practice Excellenace Award Winner

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Gloria Murray

Director, Murray Associates


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It’s really important you get the Quick Wins in your business, so that’s where I focus.That’s one of the reasons my clients call me “The Queen of Profit”. I show you how to achieve sustainable yet rapid growth, get focused on the important areas in your business and achieve the lifestyle you want.


  • Are you looking for an accountant that understands what it takes to be a successful business owner?
  • Do you need a team ready to inspire you, coach you and kick ‘yer arse’ if needs be?
  • Are you a business owner looking for an accountant with people who offer small business help and business support?
  • Do you want to join a group where you can discover new ideas and how to make them work in your business quickly?
  • Do you want to achieve real sustainable business growth and business success?

Great stuff then… you’ve COME TO the right place.


Since 1997, I have personally helped hundreds of business owners just like you to become MORE profitable, MORE quickly and MORE often!

So, can we help your business?

Well, the answer to that depends a lot on YOU.

You see – too many business owners blame other things, rather than themselves, for the state of their business – the economy, their customers, their staff. They’re not willing to change or aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary to do things differently.

Their mindset is wrong – their eyes and ears are closed – they’re not ready for new ideas, new ways of thinking or better ways of growing. So if that’s you then please don’t get in contact. I’m not for you and I won’t be able to help.

We can only help you if you are serious  about becoming the success that you dreamed of when you first started up in your business…

If you’re unsure then spend a couple of minutes hearing what clients say about working with me.


If you have any questions please feel free to call. My friendly team are happy to have a chat and perhaps arrange a meeting.

 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm on 0141 363 0373

Another starting point is to request my wee book ‘The  Seven Mistakes Small Business Owners Unwittingly Make and How To Avoid Them’ completely FREE to let you get a flavour of where I’m coming…you might be surprised at what you can put into action quickly. Just fill in the form at the top of the page.

Call Gloria on 0141 363 0373 for a FREE One Hour  Consultation and find out how you can make your business better. You might be able to increase profits, save tax or we take away the hassle of looking after your finances so you can concentrate on what you’re good at!

And if you want to see if you qualify to make an extra £100,000£50,000 or … £20,000 check out our dedicated programme to get that increase in profit within 12 months …

Call Gerry on 0141 363 0373 for a FREE One Hour  Consultation to find out more about how our Mentoring Programme can transform you, your business and your profit … guaranteed! Alternatively you can email us at info@murrayassoc.co.uk

Mission Statement
To create profitable small businesses that sustain local communities, provide progressive work opportunities and care for the planet.

‘My clients call me the Queen of Profit, as the name suggests I’m right royally great at helping you make more profit in your business. I do it quickly so you can reap the rewards for your hard work – the action bit is up to you though – but we do lend a hand if needed or a foot if you want a bit more action!’

- Gloria Murray, Director of Murray Associates

Wow, what a thought provoking morning that was. I seriously have to improve my financial literacy! Gloria’s explanation of how to understand the numbers and how to read management accounts was fantastic. It showed me how little I actually know about how we are doing as a business. This session has given me the push I needed to concentrate on what is such a fundamental part of managing my business. Can’t wait for the next session.Gary Houlton, Ispark Electricians Glasgow
This is not to suggest I enjoyed it all. Yes, I felt supported. And I felt utterly challenged. It’s a very uncomfortable place to be. But that’s the whole point. It’s not the I-know-best arrogance of the Dragons. It’s the helpful ‘why?’ of a coach who is only there to get the best out of you. So, I’m off to do my homework with a bit of clarity, a lot of questions and a sense of purpose. Barbara Chalmers, Final Fling Glasgow
One session today alone was worth the cost of the first two months of mentoring. It has helped me focus at a critical point and I’ll be taking several steps over the weekend and Monday to begin to change things. Barbara Chalmers, Final Fling Glasgow
The last few years have hit us with challenges we weren’t expecting but the last was a great learning year and I know we’re now a better company. Thanks for your all your help and look forward to developing the business further with you at and on our sideGary Houlton, DG4 Electrical Glasgow
Clear, direct, concise and specific to my business. Focusing on the how and the realistic opportunities out there with the responsibilities that goes both ways for business growth.Marie Rodgers, Total Sales Solutions
There is accountancy jargon if you want it, but for those that can’t find their way around a balance sheet, Murray Associates will assist you to understand your figures and what they mean for you and your business. They appreciate the complexities, stress and hurdles that many small business owners are faced with and this is echoed in the supportive, positive way in which they approach the world of accounting and running a small business.Clare Henderson, The Travel Clinic Glasgow

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